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lead me to the truth

46 Homestuck, 24 Metastuck, 4 Pokémon, 5 Misc (Yume Nikki, Vocaloid, Madoka), +5 Plurk

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we kill the lights and put on a show
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Posts will still be crossposted.

47 Homestuck, 5 Pokémon, 10 Yume Nikki, +3 Plurk

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Homestuck: fresh4u, alfheimr, chouettechouette, ass-pirate, lesbiaaans, xamag, adoxographist, saccharinesylph, indolentjellyfish, circusmaster, arrcade, kotijumi, suffocation, yazzsuki, snowdrak, yaoifreakgurl11, runesby, starexcorcist, singingwater, neophytecherryglare, stridersgonnastride, bloodtier, reynanana, spazzimuffin, sooheesprite, b-b-brianne, robopolis, lexxy, maniacalzombie, penkoon, enkaaay, beethuthchritht

Pokémon: ばず, はぎこ, しぐり, averyniceprince

Yume Nikki: neuroid, ダッカルビ, 練炭, ぽ ぽ, りょおき

Credit if you can but you certainly don't need to, just don't claim them as your own! Don't direct link them, and full images/specific artists can definitely be given on request.

Basically if anything you made is in my folder, regardless of how much or if I've ever used it, you're on this list.
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a warning to the people
Very tiny icon post!

• 9 Runawaystuck Jade
• 9 Lilligant

• 11 plurk
4 Pokémon, 1 original art, 4 Homestuck, 2 Fire Emblem (Sacred Stones)

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Credit is nice but not necessary, all originals can be given upon request, you may use these as bases, please just don't say you made them. ♥

She's Leaving Home / A Bianca Fanmix

she's leaving home
listen @ 8tracks (recommended) • direct download @ mediafireart credit
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lj i hate you
it broke my formatting like five times so I'll type up credits for everything soon

ughhhh though why did everything fuck up

♥ 68 Homestuck
♥ 32 Fire Emblem
♥ 15 Pokémon
♥ 6 Yume Nikki (Poniko)
♥ 25 original art

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♥ The formatting is still fucked up but I DON'T CARE
♥ Artist credit will be added soon, I swear
♥ But if you see your work and want it to be taken down, please tell me.
♥ Credit is nice but not necessary.
♥ Originals for all artwork are available upon request.

feed the rich and fuck the poor ♓
feed the rich and fuck the poor
a fanmix for her imperious condescension
cover art by lazylaz
listen at 8tracks
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FST: the dreams in which i'm dying
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Land of Carnivals and Variations
♥ 130 Carnivalstuck Icons

f you plan to use these, please credit by putting "art by dreadelion" in the comments when uploading this as a userpic! All art in these icons was by Dreadelion and the Carnivalstuck AU is hers. Go see her Tumblr for more info!

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 I just spent the past two hours making Magicastuck icons.

You're welcome.
This was very much an experimental batch, and mostly filled with variations!  I played with textures a lot.

♥ 127 icons

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Please credit! I know usually I don't care but I would really appreciate getting credit for this batch!
♥ Otherwise, though, feel free to use them as bases or whatever, I don't care!


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